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Different components of refrigerating

Today’s industrial cold stores have an advanced mechanism and focuses on their design and construction. The various parts embedded in the industrial refrigerator are also built for optimal use, in the construction of the refrigerator, it can be introduced in two categories.

نوشته شده در تاریخ : 10 August 2021
نقش درب های سردخانه ای و انواع آن
The role of refrigerated doors and its variety

One of the main elements that should be addressed when making the cold store is the right to choose the refrigerated door. Because the cold door acts as a thermal insulation in the refrigerator and prevent energy loss and will affect the cost of reducing the cost of the refrigerator.

نوشته شده در تاریخ : 17 July 2021
بهترین ماده ساندویچ پانل برای اتاق سرد چیست؟
? What is the best sandwich pan for the cold room

Since the sandwich panel plays the role of insulating in the refrigerator industry, therefore, the refrigerator panel sandwiches are used in the manufacture of industrial refrigerator and over zero, freezing tunnels and other refrigerators.

نوشته شده در تاریخ : 4 July 2021