Steps to build cold stores

After deciding on industrial refrigerator, we must consider the strategy for designing and manufacturing industrial refrigeration.

Determine the strategy or road map design and design

The map and strategy of facilities collection, goals, expectations and desires that provide the company to the refrigerator manufacturer. The manufacturer in accordance with the information given, estimates the cost and announce the cost of creating a refrigerator, plotting the plan. The important factors in determining strategy and design can be the area of ​​the earth’s construction, materials and products, the amount and volume of materials for storage, maintenance and maintenance of materials and the most important case of liquidity and capital. Each of these cases will be effective in refrigerating design and map.

After deciding decisions for the construction of a refrigerator and the acceptance of investment in this area, the steps expressed below are made to build a cold store after determining the cost of building a cold.

Refrigeratory construction steps:

1. Tracking Related Licenses: The establishment of the refrigerated license is currently under the supervision of two Ministry of Commerce of Industry and Trading and Jihad Agriculture, these two ministries are issuing, in cities that are not allowed to issue a refrigerated license, the order of issuing and declaring the construction of governorate and governorates. Are .

2. Coordination with the environmental administration on an environmental investment area

3. Coordination with the Veterinary Organization regarding the license of exploitation of crude dividers due to the conflict between livestock and poultry centers

4. Coordination with the fire department on standard construction privies

5- Location: Various field review in terms of access and priorities for refrigerating

6. Purchase of land: The precision of the earth is proportional to the refrigerator’s tonnage, land dimensions, place of the land in terms of the country and the main roads of the country.

7- Scheduling consultant and refrigeratory exploitation

8-Determination of Refrigerating Consultant: Review of Resume Construction Consultants and Manufacturing Companies Investigating the Proposed Prices and visit the sample of their work and contract contracts for existing methods such as management treaty, control, etc.

9. Determine the construction of a refrigerator and non-cold building building based on the advisor proposed

10- Determine the consultant and manufacturer of the construction of the niche based on the dimensions of consultant and the feasibility of the refrigerator capacity of the refrigerator and the way the makeup of salvation

11- Designation of landscaping consultants: Leveling land and regulation and slope of the enclosure and streets of the collection

12. Equip workshop and construction of under construction units (stores, security, technical, management and counseling)

13. Janima

14. Location of green space (20-35% of the property must be constructed green space)

15. Administrative and security lucracy and other buildings based on the design and use of refrigerator

16. The beginning of the construction of the construction: If you are willing to build fruit refrigerator, the dimensional maps should be based on the capacity of the venues and …, order or construction of the niche at the site of the refrigerator, the basis of the niches, predictors for logistics and accessories in the structure of the scales and Freezing tunnel and …

17- Order construction of a panel sandwich

18- Order machines and doors

19. Construction of the niches

20- Flooring with the highest density

21- Install wall panels and ceilings

22- Beginning of Piping Operation

23- Installing Evaporators

24- Installation of compressors

25- Floor concrete

26. Baskol Order and Basket Room

27- Making buildings required

It should be noted that this is a brief operation of the implementation operation and is completely variable according to cold storage capacity.

28- Cabling and wiring operations

29. Order special apps and software

30- Purchase of storage machines

31- Beginning the pallet order