Types of refrigerators

انواع سردخانه ها

The refrigerator has been somewhat eaten to everyone, but maybe for some questions, what is the cold store and what is it?

To a place where some products are kept with certain conditions to corrupt and not suffer from the cold store, they say that there are different types and varies depending on the product, one of the types of refrigerators whose familiarity is very important is the refrigerator. And in this article we intend to get acquainted with the construction of a refrigerator, so stay with us.

The early stages of the construction of the refrigerator

For the creation of the refrigerator, there should be steps, but first it needs to choose your own refrigerator and then go through the steps required, but in general, the construction of a refrigerator is as follows:

Estimating the cost of building refrigeration due to the budget (because the price of the industrial refrigerator varies according to equipment and …)

Check the appliances and equipment and write the required list

buying equipment

Winning equipment to the desired location to make the project

Install cabin with dimensions and shapes

Install the walls accurately and standard

Install ceiling according to the cabin height

Making a cold floor that is done with different ways such as:

1-tile and stone (a lot of time and cost)

2. The use of aluminum sheets (the method is not recommended due to lack of good performance)

3- Use of epoxy floor (relative to the rest of the methods)

Installation at: At this point, it must be careful that the work is accurately done so that there is no problem.

Install operator