Carpigel ice cream machine

ساخت سردخانه

Zagros’s expansion company, producing various types of ice cream refrigerator, industrial refrigerator, etc., also produces a carpigel ice cream.

This device is produced in two single phase and three phases with stainless steel body.

This device is equipped with a German Bitzer compressor with 1.8 retaining compressor.

Gold Fin condensers have more resistance to the moisture and dust of the southern and northern parts of the country than its rivals.

The design of the cylinders is based on the technology of Italian devices and this is the earlier body of the device within 2 to 3 minutes, which is considered a record in its capacity lines

The carpigel ice cream machine has two 12-liter steel tanks with pvc wall and high biling power

It takes 3 minutes to get my ice cream ready. This device has the ability to produce 12 funnel ice cream in minutes.

The carpigel ice cream produces 600 ice cream every hour.

From the profile and features of the Mark Carpagel Ice cream maker can:

75 cm wide

93 cm depth

Height 165 cm

Has two models: single-phase and three phases

The first model has 1.5 horsepower

The second model has 2 horsepower

Two separate reservoirs

Tanks from steel

The capacity of each tank is 12 liters


Clutches and high power

Powered by 1.8.