? What is the best sandwich pan for the cold room

بهترین ماده ساندویچ پانل برای اتاق سرد چیست؟

Since the sandwich panel plays the role of insulating in the refrigerator industry, therefore, the refrigerator panel sandwiches are used in the manufacture of industrial refrigerator and over zero, freezing tunnels and other refrigerators. These panels stabilize the temperature inside the refrigerator, and in maintaining the quality and durability of products, especially in the refrigerator of fruits and vegetables, meat and fish and medicine. In this article we will get more familiar with a variety of cold stores sandwiches.

The panel sandwich for the cold room in the industry is also known as “insulating materials”, the main question is, “What is the best matter for the refrigerator’s assembly?” About the answer to this question, Joyian, believes that different areas of structures and refrigerated environments Requires special materials for assembly. Therefore, the sandwich is a suitable panel for the cold room in different environments “the best matter” for briefcase.

What is the policy? Refrigeratory insulating materials are usually referred to as their thermal coefficient is less than or equal to 0.12. Insulating materials, thermoplastic insulating materials, silicate insulation, aluminum silicate, phenolic foam materials, Frozen microspheres, Powder powder of polystyrene, Plated panels, polystyrene, plastic insulating materials, Insulation materials, thermal insulation, Stone wool insulation), Thermal insulation, Thermal insulation Porous (cement. First, earn initial knowledge about thermal insulation materials and then tell the thermal insulation materials used in the refrigerator. What insulations are usually used in glaciers? The answer to this question returns to the last century, just before 1980: the thermal insulation materials used in the refrigerator were not like advanced, of course, consistent with the technology level of that time. At that time, the common thermal insulation materials were rice crust, cork, slag and perlite expanded.

ساندویچ پانل - انواع عایق سردخانه

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