Different components of refrigerating

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Today’s industrial cold stores have an advanced mechanism and focuses on their design and construction. The various parts embedded in the industrial refrigerator are also built for optimal use, in the construction of the refrigerator, it can be introduced in two categories.

Refrigerating components:

1 structure and refrigerator structure

2 technical equipment refrigerator

1 structure and refrigerator structure

The refrigeratory structure should be designed in addition to maintaining material quality based on optimal energy consumption. For this purpose, it is necessary to design all important tips in its design. In order to accelerate and ease in the transfer of materials into the refrigerator, including transportation, evacuation and proper layout of materials in the desired chambers, all features should be predicted and embedded.

1) Load platform:

As noted, the prediction of facilities is very important in ease and professional work. Hence, one of the parts of the industrial refrigerator that should be considered is the loading platform. This platform is typically made at a height of one meter and is used to transport and transfer materials into the refrigerator environment.

2) The Hall of Reading:

One of the most important parts in the industrial cold stores is the ready section, the temperature of this part is higher than the main chambers, and in cases where the material reaches the freezing stage, or the freezing process should be slowly used. In fact, in order to prevent the arrival of cooling shock into materials, they keep the products in this section that prevent the change in the temperature and the probability of damage to the material.

3) Freezing tunnel:

In the case of some materials, in order to maintain natural properties, it is necessary to rate the freezing process. In refrigerated freezing tunnel, the intense flow of cold air passes through the product and is rapidly frozen by frozen materials. In this type of freezing process, it is possible to separate fragments of product, without injury.

4) Refrigerated salons:

Refrigerating halls are of particular importance as the cold core of the cold. The refrigerator halls are divided into several chambers, and it is possible to adjust the amount of refrigeration each of the chambers according to the type of maintenance material. The chambers are divided into chambers above zero and zero-° C according to the amount of refrigeration. To prevent energy dissipation and supply, the necessary insulation and walls are very important. Usually, the refrigerated halls are made at one-meter height and is used for thermal insulation in the floor of a variety of Chinese bricks and Chinese floors. Also, electrical sensors are installed on walls to adjust moisture and refrigeration. These sensors are automatically controlled the amount of moisture content, also activates the places of humidity and water vapor in the chambers.

2 technical equipment refrigerator

Obviously, no matter how much in the refrigerator building is fully applied, but does not use proper and principled technical equipment, the construction of the industrial refrigerator will fail. The technical equipment, engine and stimuli are used to run cold stores. Hence, bachelor’s attention is needed to satisfy satisfactory results. From the refrigerator equipment in general, the following can be noted:

1) Engine:

The main driver is to use all the refrigerated equipment.

2) Compressor:

The refrigeration blow compressor has the task of supplying energy. It also has the task of disposing of air heated by the operator and entered into the compressor gas. In the next process, the compressor directs the heated condenser.

3) Condenser:

When the compressed gas derives from hot air in the condenser through the compressor, it cools hot gas condenser.

4) Expansion Tap:

The main task of expansion milk is to control the operator’s refrigerant. The refrigerant is actually a cooling fluid that fluctuates between fluid and gas mode and is used in cooling systems. When the volume within the operator is high, the expansion tap opens. In this way, the controlled size is entered into the operator and adjusts the amount of the refrigeration.

5) Operator:

In refrigerator chambers, the operators have the cooling task of space. The method of work is that cool and cold gases are expanded and condenser and broadcast in the inside of the chamber.

Refrigerated walls

To control the refrigerator and the temperature inside the refrigerator, the insulation of the internal wall of the refrigerator is its golden point. In the walls of the refrigerator, after the outer part that may be brick or concrete, the internal layers should include cement, moisture insulation and thermal insulation of cold storage. To insulate the moisture refrigerator usually uses bitumen or plastics. In thermal insulation, it may also be used from each conventional material such as galvanized or aluminum plate, stainless steel or cement and …. The thickness of the thermal insulation in the chambers varies with different temperatures. Usually, in cold stores that are considered to be temperature higher than zero, the 4-inch thickness and in low refrigerators are desirable 4 to 8 inches.

Facility for the construction of a refrigerator

In today’s trade world, there is an efficient tool and equipment for winning leaves in the hands of industries. As many as modern and more advanced facilities are available, more strategies can be used and added to business credit. Refrigerator is one of the most important industrial equipment that

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